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Tidewell Hospice... it's more than you think.

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Rose takes her work very seriously. But she knows how to have fun, too, and that's what she brings on her visits to patients. She brightens their day.


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For more than 30 years, Tidewell has provided the highest quality care to patients and families living with advanced illness, while honoring human dignity and personal choice. Tidewell strives to treat the whole person — fulfilling physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs — and views the patient and his/her family as a unit. That’s what makes Tidewell so unique in today’s health care picture. You are invited to explore all the programs and services Tidewell has to offer. In doing so, you’ll discover that Tidewell is really about building relationships — providing the comfort and support to deal with complex and difficult issues and, along the way, finding joy in each day. Tidewell doesn’t give you the power to shorten or prolong life, just the power to live it as you choose.

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Employees Celebrated for 10, 15 and 20 Years of Service

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On Friday, Sept. 26 at Marina Jack Restaurant in Sarasota, Tidewell honored an awesome group of employees who are celebrating their 10, 15 and 20-year anniversaries with us in 2014!

Those recognized included: Dianne Heller, Amy Robinson, Susan Marchant, Beverly Humes, Jennifer Petrosky, Bonnie Morris, Joseph Mayer, Joanne DeAndrade, Collette Francois, Shauna Hurley, Pauline Mailey, Carmen Davis, Rachel Cannon, Janet Robinson, Karen Ray, Gail McClure, Janie Bennett, Rose McCrory, Tammy Hollier, Sharmin Evans, Charlene Garrison, Kathy Deel, Maria Chavarria, Alicia Pierzchala, Marlene Faletti, Deborah Gionet-Herrera, Joseph Kopacz, Christina Speir and Ferdiana Walton.

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