Lakewood Ranch Hospice House

10 a.m. Dedication, Ribbon Cutting
11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Open House
Friday, March 9
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It's never too late to
say thank you.

Tidewell Honors Veterans program has served
more that 13,000 veterans since 2008.


Meet Michael:
He’s one in a million

Tidewell Hospice volunteers like Michael have provided
more than 1 million hours of service since 2005.

Tidewell Hospice... it's more than you think.

Take a moment to view our beautiful hospice houses.


For nearly 40 years, Tidewell has provided the highest quality care to patients and families living with advanced illness, while honoring human dignity and personal choice. Tidewell strives to treat the whole person — fulfilling physical, psychosocial and spiritual needs — and views the patient and his/her family as a unit. That’s what makes Tidewell so unique in today’s health care picture. You are invited to explore all the programs and services Tidewell has to offer. In doing so, you’ll discover that Tidewell is really about building relationships — providing the comfort and support to deal with complex and difficult issues and, along the way, finding joy in each day. Tidewell doesn’t give you the power to shorten or prolong life, just the power to live it as you choose.


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