Lori makes Tidewell proud at community event

By December 16, 2015Tidewell News

Congratulations to Lori Dengler, MBA, MSN, ARNP, FNP-C, the November Tidewell Difference Award winner. Her nomination, made by a colleague, explains how she makes a difference at Tidewell:

“I am nominating Lori Dengler because of how wonderfully she represented Tidewell in our community. Lori was in charge of recruiting volunteers for the RAM (Remote Area Medical) event held the weekend of November 21 and 22 in Bradenton. I had heard about the event at a Manatee Chamber healthcare committee, and I recommended to Christina Speir that Tidewell needs to be involved in some way. Christina informed me that Lori was already working on it.

“Because of her efforts, senior management supported Tidewell colleagues to volunteer and be rewarded with Tidewellness points. Tidewell was also given an education table for both days of the event at no cost (teamwork and stewardship).

“I observed Lori while she directed volunteers. She was always friendly and professional, keeping her eye on the goal of getting volunteers where they were needed to serve our underserved population (compassion and communication). Keep in mind that everyone who was working there was a volunteer: doctors, dentists, nurses, dental technicians, optometrists, eyewear techs, ARNPs, runners, admissions and discharge, and the list goes on. Also keep in mind that the building is huge; she must have walked ten miles that weekend to be wherever she was needed. The job was mammoth!

“She worked for weeks recruiting all of these volunteers, overcoming obstacles and objections. In fact, Dr. Conard, one of the main organizers of the event, told me that it couldn’t have been done without her. He was so grateful for her dedication.

“I know that she has always been exemplary at her jobs here at Tidewell. She really went above and beyond for this event.”

Lori was recognized by CEO Gerry Radford with a certificate, a special Tidewell Difference pin, a $50 gift card and one day of personal leave.

Nominations for the Tidewell Difference Award are accepted at any time and can be made using the form posted on Happenings. All non-supervisory colleagues – full-time, part-time or PRN – are eligible. In order to win, nominees must be in good standing and have been employed with Tidewell for at least six months. Nominations should be based on specific action(s) taken by a colleague that demonstrates one or more Tidewell Core Values.

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