Volunteer Joann Rouse makes Tidewell Difference at Bradenton Hospice House

By November 15, 2017Tidewell News

Congratulations to Joann Rouse, the winner of this quarter’s Tidewell Volunteer Difference Award.

Joann was surprised by Tidewell volunteer staff Wednesday morning at the Bradenton Hospice House, where she greets visitors and visits patients. Joann has recorded more than 1,300 service hours during her four years as a volunteer.

The award nomination explains how Joann makes the Tidewell difference in Bradenton: “Joann’s quiet, calm and professional manner makes her a perfect greeter at the House, and it has helped soothe patients and families in times of chaos and crisis.  It has helped nervous students and interns feel welcome, and it has added to the warmth of hospice when professionals come for tours and meetings.  … Recently, Joann was working in the House during a state survey.  She said, ‘I heard a call bell buzzing in an empty room and thought maybe I better check anyway.’ She entered the room within seconds and there were the surveyors testing to see what staff/volunteer response would be.  She truly does do it all!”

Nominations for the Volunteer Difference Award are accepted at any time via https://tidewellhospice.org/welcome/tidewell-hospice-volunteer-difference-award. All Tidewell volunteers are eligible for nomination. Nominations should be based on a specific action or actions taken by a volunteer that demonstrated one or more Tidewell Core Values, with consideration given that the act must meet the expectations of Tidewell’s established boundaries for volunteers.

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