A Dynamic Professional Culture

As a Tidewell Hospice colleague, you are an integral part of the team that strives to create a professional, caring environment for the patients and families Tidewell serves. Tidewell’s mission is best served through this teamwork and by creating an atmosphere of open communication that is supported by the technology it takes to keep all teams and departments informed about organization-wide news, events, achievements, honors, educational opportunities, challenges and strategic goals.



The enhanced services provided by Tidewell’s care teams and supporting departments continue to expand in response to community need and a mission-driven goal to meet those needs with the highest quality service possible. As a result, Tidewell enjoys an excellent reputation in the communities it serves.

Tidewell also has the same high regard among its colleagues. Below are comments from newly hired staff explaining why they chose Tidewell, and comments from six-week post-hire employees attesting to the Tidewell culture they have come to know and appreciate.


“My compassion for providing care and Tidewell’s reputation.”

“My experience with the long term care team was a good experience. I felt that they were very caring and compassionate. All were such good ambassadors for Tidewell Hospice.”

“It’s an excellent institution/organization.”

“Even though my dad’s death took a lot out of me, it was an experience to remember because he died with dignity. I was a part of it, and I want to be a part of this great team!”

“I have felt “called” to do hospice work for many years and now that I’m back to nursing, I feel grateful to have this chance to work with Tidewell.”


“My whole working career I have heard about teamwork. This is the first time I have seen people truly working as a team. Tidewell’s nurses, social workers, the CNAs and everyone else have been so helpful.”

“The support system at Tidewell is wonderful. I feel I have time for one-on-one interaction with my patients.”

“I love how the families have welcomed me into their homes and made me feel part of their families.”

“I can’t believe how quickly the team has accepted me.”

“I think you re-evaluate your own life when dealing with these patients and families. I feel like I get less stressed over the little things now.”

“I have been in nursing for a long time. This is the first job I have ever had where I don’t feel so rushed. I feel I really have time to talk to people and get to know them. I love how the team works together to get things done for the patients and families.”

“I have time to give people a hug when they need it. I feel like I mean something to these people.”

“When I go home at night I know I have done something important.”

“I have been out of nursing for 18 years and feel very grateful to be able to spend more time with the people I care for. Being with people at end of life is really a touching experience.”

“Working here makes me want to be a better person.”