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At Tidewell Hospice, care, comfort and compassion go hand in hand. The families and patients Tidewell serves often express their gratitude for this excellent care in a variety of ways — through kind words, smiles, letters of thanks and financial contributions.

The Tidewell Angel Program provides an opportunity to say “thank you” in a special way to the doctor, nurse, aide, social worker, grief specialist, volunteer, chaplain or other staff member who made a difference to you and/ or your family member.

The process is simple: Just fill out the Tidewell Angel form below and let Tidewell know the name of your Angel(s). This individual is notified you have honored them in this special way and receives a custom-crafted pin to wear proudly. Acknowledging an individual for a job well-done while honoring the work they do is one of the most meaningful forms of support you can offer.

Share the Caring

The Tidewell Angel Gratitude Program was created to provide those for whom Tidewell cares a meaningful way to express their appreciation for exceptional care and service. Monetary gifts of any amount help Tidewell assist others while also providing a powerful testimony to the significance and value of such care.

Because of your generous support, Tidewell is able to deliver this care every day in many different ways, all personalized for every individual’s unique situation.

Gifts from grateful patients and families:

  • Provide for the complementary care therapies such as art, pet, music, horticulture and massage therapy
  • Provide support for the Honors program
  • Allow Tidewell to deliver grief and bereavement counseling and support to thousands of people annually
  • Provide enhancements to Tidewell grounds and facilities
  • Support Tidewell’s Children’s Services
  • Allow Tidewell to provide much needed services to the community through its Transitions Program
  • Provide charitable care for those not eligible for Medicare and/or without insurance benefits
  • “Fill the gap” between what is reimbursed by the government and what it costs to care for a patient
  • Allow Tidewell to build a more stable foundation to plan for the future

When you contribute financially to Tidewell Hospice through the Tidewell Angel program, you show your appreciation in a way that helps others receive outstanding care. The effects of your generosity are far reaching.

If you have experienced exemplary care and wish to show your appreciation, please consider making a gift to Tidewell Hospice in someone’s honor. The recipient receives acknowledgement and a Tidewell Angel pin to represent your kind and thoughtful gift.

Click here to download a Tidewell Angel gift form.