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Hospice Care for Pulmonary Patients

Tidewell Hospice partners with you to assist in providing care for patients with end-stage pulmonary disease. Including Tidewell’s pulmonary hospice program as part of discharge planning can help you, your patients and their families with managing the symptoms of lung disease at home. The goals of the end-stage lung disease hospice program are to: • Closely monitor and manage symptoms to reduce episodes of crisis. • Reduce hospital days and emergency department visits. • Increase the ability of patients to cope with the illness. • Increase family caregiver confidence and coping. • Improve quality of life and help patients accomplish important goals. Tidewell Hospice helps patients meet these goals through: • Regularly scheduled visits by staff with specialized training in pulmonary evaluation and symptom management. • Specialized protocols and treatment pathways designed for end-stage disease.

When is Hospice Appropriate for Pulmonary Patients?

Any patient with a severe pulmonary disease may be appropriate for hospice care. Answering these simple questions may also serve as a guide as to when it is appropriate to refer a patient to hospice: • Is the patient experiencing increased visits to the ED or hospitalizations for pulmonary infections and respiratory failure? • Is dyspnea affecting the patient’s ability to perform daily activities? • Are the patient’s symptoms no longer able to be controlled by bronchodilators? • Does the patient suffer from recurrent episodes of bronchitis or pneumonia? • Has the patient experienced significant, unintentional weight loss? • Has the patient recently experienced clinical or functional decline? • Does the patient have abnormal blood gases? Note: These factors are general medical guidelines and are not intended to be strict criteria. The decision to admit a patient to hospice is based on the clinical guidelines and each patient’s unique needs. Please call a Tidewell Hospice physician at (941) 894-1777 or (866) 833-3753 to discuss your patient’s specific needs.

Benefits of Early Referral for Pulmonary Patients

Studies show that most Americans prefer to receive end-of-life care at home. The earlier they are referred to hospice care the better their chances at remaining at home with their family. The families of hospice patients often indicate that they wish their loved one had been referred to hospice sooner. Hospice ensures patients and their families optimal quality of life. An earlier referral to hospice: • Allows specialized pain and symptom management to begin sooner. • Prevents emergency room visits and readmission to the hospital. • Provides patients and families time to deal with practical issues such as wills and advanced care plans. • Encourages meaningful conversations and a chance to say “goodbye.” • Provides family support and education that helps relieve the stress and exhaustion often experienced by caregivers.

How Tidewell Supports Pulmonary Physicians

The valuable physician-patient relationship doesn’t have to change when a cardiac patient is admitted to hospice. Physicians can stay involved, but with added resources provided by Tidewell. Billing • You can still see the patient in your office and bill Medicare and other insurers for the services you provide. • Tidewell can help your office with billing concerns related to hospice care. Communication • Continuous and customized communication from the Tidewell care team regarding your patient’s care plan and status. • You can consult with any member of Tidewell’s interdisciplinary team about your patient’s care. Patient Management • Intensive pain and symptom management can reduce emergency room visits, repeat hospitalizations and calls to your office. • Tidewell doctors are available to follow your patient and relieve the burden of writing prescriptions and other paperwork. • All medications, supplies and durable medical equipment are provided and managed by Tidewell. • Tidewell provides 24/7 support to your patient, decreasing the demand on you and your staff Contact Tidewell Hospice Admissions at (941) 894-1777 to refer patients for hospice care or for assistance in receiving reimbursement for care you provide for your patients receiving hospice care.

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