If you need some extra help dealing with the emotions brought on by the loss of a loved one, Tidewell’s Grief Education and Support Center offers free bereavement services, whether or not your loved one was a Tidewell patient.

There are grief specialists available to you in all of Tidewell’s offices. They conduct a variety of group and one-on-one counseling activities. Some specialists work primarily with adults, while others specialize in meeting children’s bereavement needs.

During your grief experience, you may experience various emotions at different times. Tidewell’s grief professionals are able to recognize these emotions and help you come to terms with personal feelings, as well as those of other family members. Tidewell has developed a variety of support systems to help you work through this grieving process, recognizing identifiable steps that can occur in any combination or sequence. Tidewell’s bereavement services are not mental health services; they focus on education, validation and support. If you have further difficulty, you’ll be referred to the appropriate agency.

The often confusing reactions to death can temporarily split a family apart at a time when mutual support is needed. Tidewell grief specialists provide individual counseling support and work with families to allay emotional threats. Grief specialists are also available to assist businesses, organizations and schools when education and/or support is needed.

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Grief Support for Tidewell Families

Grief support is an integrated part of the continuum of care for Tidewell families. Tidewell has grief specialists on staff whose primary responsibility is working with hospice families. They lead a team of trained volunteers who maintain telephone contact with surviving family members, if requested, for a year or more following the death of a Tidewell patient. Support groups are also available, and Tidewell family members receive special monthly mailings for one year following the death of their loved one.

Even though the majority of Tidewell’s patients are adults, special bereavement services are also offered for children and their families who have experienced the death of a loved one. Children’s counselors are experts in helping youngsters deal with illness, grief and loss.

Non-denominational memorial services are held annually to remember Tidewell patients who have died. These services provide an opportunity for families and Tidewell team members to grieve together while paying tribute to loved ones.