Tidewell Grief Specialists

If you or a loved one are looking for grief support, Tidewell wants to help. For more information on any of these programs, please contact Tidewell’s grief specialists.
For calls regarding community referrals or information about Support Group times and locations:

GESC Call Center:        941-894-1794

Office/ Team Member          Contact                

Michele Gordin                        863-231-3300  mgordin@tidewell.org

Ella Indra                                  941-782-4955  eindra@tidewell.org
Stacey Paul                               941-782-4925  spaul@tidewell.org

Kim Peterson                           941-845-3000  KPeterson@tidewell.org
Callie Weber                            941-845-3000  cweber@tidewell.org

Englewood/North Port
Cathy McClung                        941-548-2300  cmcclung@tidewell.org

Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda
Michele Gordin                       941-979-4300  mgordin@tidewell.org

Sarasota – Rand
Cindy Gourley                         941-552-7500  cgourley@tidewell.org
Joe McCormick                        941-552-7500  jmccormick@tidewell.org
Jim McMillan                            941-552-7500  jmcmillan@tidewell.org

Pamela Saladino                     941-441-2000  psaladino@tidewell.org