Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you to our Tribute Participants

  • Christine Beliveau $870 In memory of my mom, Janet Comstock
  • Joann Day $595 In memory of my son, Chad Day
  • Charles Foege $300 In memory of Charles W. Foege
  • Bob and Sharon $250 In memory of McNutt Cane and Stan Chichester
  • April Goetz $175 In memory of Chad Day
  • Ashley Lambert $150 In memory of Brian Lambert
  • Carol Masio $150 In memory of my mom and dad, Shirley & Larry Jontow
  • Joyce McClay $150 In memory of George McClay and Donna Keil

Tidewell Hospice thanks today’s Tribute Participants who raised $150 or more through pledges to honor a friend or loved one. We are proud to present the top three fundraisers with awards for their generous contributions. Thank you all!