Resources for Caring for Your Loved One

Tidewell Hospice offers a variety of ways to assist caregivers as they care for their loved one. As always, our care teams are here for you 24/7 for any questions or concerns at

(855) 843-3935.

Patient and Family Guide

Tidewell Hospice’s Patient & Family Guide walks with you through your plan of care, your care team, what to expect at the end of life, your comfort and decisions, safety tips, loss and grief and much more. Click below to access the guide. Please call your care team 24/7, at (855) 843-3935 with questions or concerns.

Patient and Caregiver Videos

How Can My Social Worker Help?
Anxiety, Stress, Restlessnes and Fatigue
Dealing with Sadness and Depression
Handling Shortness of Breath
How to Treat Pain
How to Assess Pain
Dosage, Frequency and
Why Give Pain Medication
Common Side Effects of
Pain Medication
Additional Pain Medication Concerns
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